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16th West Indies-Guyana Regional Cooperation Conference - SARGCOOP

The XVIth Antilles-Guyana Regional Cooperation Conference will take place on March 8 and 9, 2023 in Guadeloupe after three years of interruption due in particular to the health crisis.

Under the chairmanship of the Minister Delegate for Overseas Territories, Mr. Jean-François CARENCO, this conference will bring together parliamentarians, presidents of communities, prefects, ambassadors and various public and private regional cooperation players.

Four sessions will address issues related to health, the environment and climate change, youth mobility and maritime and air connections in the Caribbean and the Guiana Shield.

On March 8, from 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., Ms. Patricia SAÏD, Vice-President of the Territorial Collectivity of French Guiana – Health Delegate, will chair the first session dedicated to the challenges of Covid 19 in the region and the prospects for health cooperation . An opportunity to recall the role played by communities, particularly in Guyana, in the management of the health crisis and the initiatives that have contributed to safeguarding the state of health of the population.

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